Check Out Erik Cronin’s Blog

Erik Cronin just told me about his Blog over at It looks like he’s been busy keeping it updated regularly for years, and it’s full of nice Detroit Electronic Music related media. I recommend checking it out and I’m adding it to my Friend’s list over there on the sidebar/blogroll area. I will be checking this place out catching up on a bunch of stuff I missed. Motivating. 😀

Hey Spaceman, Welcome Back to Planet Earth!

Having a website about yourself is kind of strange. I must really be full of myself to think I’m interesting enough for this to exist in the first place. What an asshole. I’ve turned into exactly the type of person I hate. Then, I get insecure and think my opinion doesn’t really matter, no one cares, and it’s a waste of time to maintain this little place on the web.

The reality is, it’s counter productive to continue to pay for this domain and hosting for it without having a functioning website for this long. It’s been years now and this site has literally been vacant. So, instead of giving up, I’m going to make one more attempt at updating this blog on a regular basis.

It’s not that I’ve had bad intentions or got lazy, I’ve just been distracted and discouraged for years. I originally used a different domain, to promote what I had been working on. This was a super long time ago. This was also back when everyone had dial-up. High-speed internet didn’t exist for the average household. I used my original website to learn how websites and the internet worked. The site consisted of static HTML files, animated .gifs, and the navigation was made of buttons with rollovers, all made by hand. I think there was also a few DJ mixes and audio files compressed for RealPlayer…what happened to them?

Now, I wish I hadn’t let that domain expire, but I decided to eventually take an indefinite break from playing records, as I got burned out, the ritual went on for over 10 years, and was beginning to feel like working on an assembly line. I had accomplished everything I was trying to do and needed to steer life in a a different direction. It was no longer fun, so it was time to move on. Not that I will never DJ again, I’m sure I will when the time is right or an interesting occasion presents itself.

Because I was moving onto uncharted territories, I felt that I should not put myself in a corner with the old domain, so I let it expire and registered this. I still have a backup of the old site though, maybe I will put it online in an archive here just for fun.

Alright, so after registering, I installed WordPress on it, found this really cool theme, and genuinely began updating the site. Still not as regularly as I should have, but it was better than nothing. The theme I picked was free at the time. What I didn’t realize was the theme had a line of code in it. The developer sold the theme to a premium theme reseller, and now my website no longer worked as the new owner triggered that line of code to redirect me to their website in order to try to sell the rights for use at a ridiculous price. All this did was piss me off, discourage me, and I kind of ignored this place for a long time.

While ignoring this place, there had been many WordPress updates released that I didn’t apply as I didn’t feel like it really mattered. I get annoyed at having to update everything every two weeks. Years passed as I ignored this website and worked on other things.

One day I come across a DJ mix I had made, and decide to share it with some friends. I upload it to my server and point the link to a few people who quickly tell me that their browsers are alerting them that my website has been reported as an attack site and that it shouldn’t be trusted. Sigh…I don’t understand why this would happen because I had removed the theme, which messed up the layout of whatever was posted, so I had deleted everything and the blog was sitting here with a default WordPress theme untouched and empty forever. After a little research, I discover that there was a vulnerability in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor that allowed people to hack your blog and inject a bunch of malicious code, blah blah blah, who cares. Point is, I had to literally start the site over as I wasn’t about to manually edit a bunch of files for a website that didn’t have anything on it. It was easier to start from scratch.

I’m now upset with WordPress and look into other options. I messed around with GetSimple, and it is nice, but not really what I want. So I randomly work on the site in a half-assed manner for another year or two, not really giving anyone a reason to pay attention.

Having WordPress installed on another domain for a different project, I see that there’s a new version and reluctantly update. This time I am glad that I did and I’m actually intrigued. Which is where I am now. Starting once again from scratch.

I’m going to try to not let my insecurities get the best of me, and just make this site what it’s supposed to be, and what it should have been all along. A website about the things I’m working on. If you’re interested, cool. If not, you probably won’t be reading it in the first place so… It is what it is. I am really excited though, and look forward to announcing some highly ambitious projects in the near future. Thanks for paying attention 😀