A trend I’ve been witnessing lately, that I’m really getting tired of…people who fuck something up, don’t apologize for, and move along…then, they get mad at you for being mad at them for the bullshit they did in the first place. Distance grows, friendships fall apart, times are not had. Say you’re fucking sorry for the shit you said/did/broke and I’ll invite you over next time we have a BBQ. Stop being an asshole…assholes.

Happy 9th of July!

I meant to update the blog by now, but it has been a crazy week+. We went camping for a few days, came back on the fourth of July, that evening there was a hail storm, then two days later, the power went out, which didn’t come back on until yesterday. Oh, and a giant tree fell two houses down from us. So yeah, trying to get back into the swing of things. Chaos.