EqualRecordings.com Showcase & App Release Party 8-22-2015!

EqualRecordings.com Showcase & App Release Party 8-22-2015!

I started a record label last year, EqualRecordings.com, and we are having a party this Saturday at Northern Lights Lounge, celebrating the first three albums, and recently released free mobile app. If you happen to be in the Detroit area…don’t be a jerk, come down and party with us! More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/911741852249692/

bEDOsHIRTS.com Redesigned!



Hard to believe, but its been six years since we opened our little independent online store. This year we’ve decided to celebrate by offering our customers a new and improved responsive design that should be a bit more pleasing to the eyes. Compared to the old version, which looked like it was created in the mid-90s. Visit http://www.bedoshirts.com to see what I’m talking about.

Proud to Announce the Launch of the DBDJS AudioCast

dbdjsSomething I’ve been wanting to do for a long time is start a podcast or two, but I kept procrastinating because I didn’t feel like the had the knowledge and equipment necessary to create a solid product.
So, I decided to stop making excuses and just start doing it. I’m allowing myself to make mistakes and learn from them. And, I am learning a lot already. We launched the first episode last week featuring myself, and I’m about to upload the next one later today featuring a live DJ set by Keith Kemp. We plan to release a new episode every week, although I’m not sure that we really need to follow a strict schedule. Give it a listen and let me know what you think…

The show is currently audio only, and is available on iTunes, Stitcher, or visit DetroitbachelorDJs.com for more info.

Cuatro de Mayo with DJs Andy Toth, Eric Hinchman, Craig Gonzalez & Drew Maddox

Tickets: http://dbdjs.bpt.me


DBDJS & bEDOsHIRTS.com Presents:

:::Cuatro de Mayo Featuring:::


Andy Toth’s production can be described as dark yet funky. He’s been producing music for over thirteen years now, and it keeps getting better. His illustrious career started with a stint in The Detroit Grand Pubahs, whose hit single “Sandwiches,” as well as the follow-up album, “Funk All Y’all,” saw to it that Andy would get the chance to peddle his wares on stages the world over. His ever-expanding production techniques have seen him working with Detroit’s top talent as a recording engineer, mastering professional, and producer of hip-hop, Rn’B, and electronic music. Andy has released tracks on labels like Jive Electro, Throw, D Records, Intuit Solar, Hej, Exchange Bureau Music, and People Mover Productions. Andy’s music has been traced as the root cause of the return of handle bar mustaches, the reason we like big butts, and the mass bumble bee extinction. Check it.



Eric Hinchman began collecting and playing vinyl to audiences of Detroit over 20 years ago. His record selection varies depending on details like the weather, the hour of the day, or even the day of the year. Having performed at nearly every venue in the Motor City and beyond, Hinchman is probably best known for his year and a half residency at Pontiac’s Velvet Lounge, and his 2 1/2 year residency at Hamtramck’s Lush Lounge. Eric is one of the founding members of the collective known as the Detroit Bachelor DJ Society…the concept was created in his living room with Jeremy 2000 & Derek Plaslaiko back in 1997. While we’re at it. Rich grew his hair out and no longer wears glasses, so stop telling Eric how they used to look like each other…it’s no longer relevant…seriously stop. For more info than you could possibly ever need to know visit:



Hip-hop perked the interest of Detroit’s Craig Gonzalez to vinyl at a young age. When he attended his first Detroit underground dance party in 1994, he knew he discovered something special and decided to get in the game.

“There was always something that I just found really interesting with DJing itself,” said Gonzalez. “Maybe it’s the idea of taking other people’s tracks and forming my own kind of story with them over an extended period of time… it can be pretty powerful if done correctly. It’s kind of interesting to take part in something like that.”

Realizing how easy it was to get started, he taught himself to DJ and built up a name for himself, joining the roster of the Detroit Bachelor DJs collective: a lineup including several prominent Detroit dance music DJs. He soon had gigs at the legendary St. Andrew’s Hall for the “Three Floors of Fun” weekly, residencies at Ann Arbor’s Blind Pig on “Solar” Wednesdays and nights at clubs Industry and the Labyrinth in the 90s. Today he keeps the music going at various gigs around town and at CraigGonzalez.com with mixes impromptu and scheduled, while the sidebar doesn’t neglect his other passion for sports and gaming. When faced with this competitor on the decks, expect a selection of take-you-back tracks with his own spin on the story.



For the past 15 years, Drew has been exploring and cultivating his love of electronic music by maintaining a presence in the Detroit area. His involvements with Paxahau, DBDJS, Nefarious & Movement alike have all had positive affects on his life and his constant feeding of the fire that sparked him at the beginning. As a DJ, his styles are deep and diverse, infinitely influenced by the vast sea of incredible local talent the city has forged over the past 30+ years.


(Please show up early!)

Drink Special:
$4.00 Sangria

21+ with Valid ID

The Tangent Gallery
715 East Milwaukee St
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Easier on the ears ~ Harder on the women.

Happy 9th of July!

I meant to update the blog by now, but it has been a crazy week+. We went camping for a few days, came back on the fourth of July, that evening there was a hail storm, then two days later, the power went out, which didn’t come back on until yesterday. Oh, and a giant tree fell two houses down from us. So yeah, trying to get back into the swing of things. Chaos.


Check Out Erik Cronin’s Blog

Erik Cronin just told me about his Blog over at Blogspot.com. It looks like he’s been busy keeping it updated regularly for years, and it’s full of nice Detroit Electronic Music related media. I recommend checking it out and I’m adding it to my Friend’s list over there on the sidebar/blogroll area. I will be checking this place out catching up on a bunch of stuff I missed. Motivating. 😀