Charles Pearson’s Fine Tales from a Frontier LP

Charles Pearson's Fine Tales from a Frontier

Charles Pearson’s Fine Tales from a Frontier

Charles Pearson’s Fine Tales from a Frontier album faced the same challenges I described in my post about Curtis Paul’s Southern Brick Face. It too has been remastered and re-released, can be found now on Beatport, JunoDownload, TraxSource, Bandcamp & everywhere else fine music is streamed and sold…and it sounds better than ever.

If you were at a rave on a Saturday night during the mid ’90s, you would be hearing tracks from this album being played on the dance-floor, as well as in the chill-out room. I personally have a huge fondness for Charlie’s subtle use of vocals throughout the listening experience, taking the edge off the electronics by injecting that human element. It features a beautifully designed cover by his wife and baby momma Jessica Jozwick, and Charlie added a 15th bonus track, Frontier Girl, to celebrate this edition of the album.

Give it a second listen if you slept on it the first time around, and stay tuned as he has another collection of new music in the works…we should be making an announcement soon.

Terry Mullan, Reggie Hotmix & Eric Hinchman

Terry Mullan, Reggie "Hotmix" Harrell & Eric Hinchman

Terry Mullan, Reggie “Hotmix” Harrell & Eric Hinchman & Detroit Bachelor DJS present the OPENING NIGHT of Ferndale’s hottest new weekly Friday night dance party: district.RED! And, to kick it off properly, we’re featuring:

DJ Terry Mullan (Chicago/Denver)
(Catalyst, Coin Slot, Definitive Recordings)

Reggie Hotmix Harrell (Detroit)
(Club Insomnia WJLB, WJZD, WROU, WHYT, WGPR)

DJ Eric Hinchman (Detroit)

21 & over w/ ID. Doors 9PM. $5 pre-sale, $10 at the door.

DJ Eric Hinchman on Detroit Sessions with Steve Ra

Detroit Sessions Hosted by Steve Ra Featuring DJ Eric Hinchman 4.21.2013 by Dj Eric Hinchman on Mixcloud

#Detroit #House #DJ #Radio #Stream

If you are around an internet connection this evening at 9:00-10:00 PM (Eastern), Steve Ra will be debuting an all vinyl DJ mix I recorded specifically for his show, The Detroit Sessions.

The mix is very personal for me as it begins with some of the first records I ever purchased then takes you on a journey of music made by friends, and peers I have met along the 20 years I have been spinning vinyl, then returns full circle to the beginning.

It was a difficult mix for me to finish because I never program my sets, they’re always improvised. With this, I had a specific amount of songs to squeeze in about and hour’s worth of time.

If anyone is interested in the story behind the selection…ask away. This is a mix of Detroit House music, and I’d like to take this concept further and record a Detroit techno, and a Detroit Electro version as well.

The fan page for Steve’s show is here:

The link for the live audio stream is located here:

Published. Enjoy!