DJ Eric Hinchman on Detroit Sessions with Steve Ra

Detroit Sessions Hosted by Steve Ra Featuring DJ Eric Hinchman 4.21.2013 by Dj Eric Hinchman on Mixcloud

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If you are around an internet connection this evening at 9:00-10:00 PM (Eastern), Steve Ra will be debuting an all vinyl DJ mix I recorded specifically for his show, The Detroit Sessions.

The mix is very personal for me as it begins with some of the first records I ever purchased then takes you on a journey of music made by friends, and peers I have met along the 20 years I have been spinning vinyl, then returns full circle to the beginning.

It was a difficult mix for me to finish because I never program my sets, they’re always improvised. With this, I had a specific amount of songs to squeeze in about and hour’s worth of time.

If anyone is interested in the story behind the selection…ask away. This is a mix of Detroit House music, and I’d like to take this concept further and record a Detroit techno, and a Detroit Electro version as well.

The fan page for Steve’s show is here:

The link for the live audio stream is located here:

Published. Enjoy!